HB Studios

HB Studios

Atlantic Canada’s largest and most successful independent video game developer.

HB Studios creates award-winning video games from our independent studio in Nova Scotia. We are a team of developers, creators and fans who are passionate about the art and process involved in video game development. Across consoles, mobile devices and genres, we have a diverse team that has had hands-on experience in the creation and development of today’s biggest gaming titles and franchises.

We work out of a studio in picturesque Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. It’s not big, but it’s vibrant, creative and it lets us get down to what really matters – producing high-quality video games that outperform competitors and create the most authentic gaming experiences around.

In 2016, we also opened a second development studio in the nearby city of Halifax, to help with growth and expansion.

Since launching in 2000, we’ve shipped 49 titles that have sold over 27 million units, and we’ve contributed to 19 other titles.