Elite Worship

December 2, 2016 Game News 0

Elite Worship Yesterday I read an article called In a world…, which talked about the problem of elite worship in the iOS community. I’m an […]

Dennis Ritchie Dies Again

October 14, 2016 Game News 0

Dennis Ritchie Dies Again Yesterday many people on my Twitter timeline sharing an article about Dennis Ritchie’s death: Dennis Ritchie, Father of C and Co-Developer […]

Speaking profile

August 26, 2016 Game News 0

Speaking profile Your speaking profile showcases your speaking experience. Conference organizers can see where you have spoken at, look at the slides, and watch videos […]

360|AnDev: Money

August 13, 2016 Game News 0

360|AnDev: Money 360|AnDev is the first time I run a conference. I was raised to be frugal, never spending money that I don’t have, but […]

One year of sketchnoting

July 2, 2016 Game News 0

One year of sketchnoting I made my first sketchnote at Write/Speak/Code 2015 on the impostor syndrome talk by Neha Batra. Dealing w/ “I cannot draw” […]

Coding live stream

June 5, 2016 Game News 0

Coding live stream I first heard about live streaming when I watched Dina Rodriguez hand lettering on Twitch. I thought @Twitch is only for gaming, […]

Go Code Colorado

April 4, 2016 Game News 0

Go Code Colorado Go Code Colorado is a state-wide event to innovate on top of Colorado open data. Android Atelier went to Challenge Weekend in […]