VRoid Studio Revisited

February 12, 2019 Game News 0

VRoid Studio Revisited Last year we took our first look at VRoid Studio, a 3D anime style character creator that had recently been translated to […]

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Humble Intro To Code Bundle

February 7, 2019 Game News 0

Humble Intro To Code Bundle In addition to their currently running Game Industry Book bundle, Humble have launched another Humble Bundle aimed at game developers, […]

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Phaser 3.16 Released

February 6, 2019 Game News 0

Phaser 3.16 Released Phaser 3.16 has just been replaced, and this is the biggest update in Phaser 3’s history, finally bringing the open source HTML5 […]

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Quixel Mixer Hands-On

February 5, 2019 Game News 0

Quixel Mixer Hands-On With the recent Adobe acquisition of Allegorithmic, I researched alternatives to Substance Painter and Designer.  One of the most prominent entries was […]