Top 100 Android Mobile App Developers

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Cleveroad is a software development company founded in 2014. They have offices in Ukraine, the U.S., Norway and a team of over 100 specialists. They are focused on native mobile development, web development, IT strategy, web design, emerging technologies, and cross-platform solutions.


Notable Project

Cleveroad designed and developed an iOS application that connects dancers all over the world. The app provides a place for users to chat and share content with each other. Users enjoy using the app and the client was impressed with Cleveroad’s communication and quality of work.


Coidea Agency

Founded in 2017, Coidea is a development company based in Kiev, Ukraine. Their team of 3 provide mobile app development, UX/UI design, and web development. They primarily work with small and midmarket companies in the advertising, marketing, entertainment, financial services, and health care industries.

Notable Project

Coidea became a subcontractor for a digital marketing agency in order to develop two applications for a third party client. They developed each app using the agency’s designs from scratch, matching the exact vision of the project.


WillowTree, Inc.

Mobile application development company WillowTree, Inc. was founded in 2007. With headquarters in Charlottesville, Va., and offices in New York and Durham, N.C., WillowTree has a team of 200+. They offer full-service development for both iOS and Android platforms, including mobile strategy, user experience design, testing, launching, and maintenance.

Notable Project

WillowTree worked with a cinema to maintain an existing mobile app and eventually rebuilt the app, integrated a loyalty program, and made it easy for customers to purchase tickets. The client appreciated WillowTree’s willingness to work with an existing app instead of redeveloping the whole project.



Intellectsoft is a boutique digital transformation consultancy headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The Company provides cutting edge engineering solutions for global and Fortune 500 companies with the mission to help enterprises accelerate adoption of new technologies, untangle complex issues that always emerge during digital evolution, and orchestrate ongoing innovation.

Intellectsoft maintains its advanced domain expertise through five dedicated labs:  Cognitive Computing, Decentralized Applications (i.e. Blockchain), Internet-of-Things (IOT), Premier Customer Experience (CX), and Mixed Reality (AR, VR).

Established in 2007, Intellectsoft operates across multiple offices with the engineering centers in the U.S., the U.K., the Nordic region and Eastern Europe.

Notable Project

Intellectsoft created an e-commerce app with matching backend infrastructure, then integrated it into the client’s blockchain technology. Transforming the given creative demands into a satisfactory product under a strenuous deadline was deemed impressive, as were their communication skills and determination.


Atomic Object

Michigan-based software development company Atomic Objects serve clients around the world. The team of over 60 and has been creating custom products for web and mobile since being founded in 2001.

Notable Project

Atomic Object created an iPad app for a drug testing administration. The app stored data from athlete drug-testing. They handled development from beginning to end, with constant input from the client.



Infinum is a software development company in San Francisco, CA. The 50+ team has equal experience in mobile and web development. They work with clients from a variety of industries, including business and financial services and automotive.

Notable Project

Infinum rebuilt a flight booking app for a startup. The original app was extremely buggy and the company needed further support. One feature Infinum developed allowed customers to sync their calendars to find flights that work around their schedule.



STRV is a software design & engineering team of 200+ experts working out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, London and Prague. Founded in 2004, the company provides app and web development, UX/UI, web design and app testing via full product delivery and team augmentation engagements. Delivering 70+ apps annually, they work with clients big and small from industries including financial services, e-commerce and education.

Notable Project

From minimum viable product (MVP) to finished product, STRV developed a smart fragrance app for iOS and Android. The product engaged users and immediately stood out on the market, while the team’s speed, efficiency, and comprehensive expertise impressed the client during the entire cooperation.



EMERGE is a digital service agency based in Portland, OR. Founded in 1998 and with a team of about 30, Emerge uses its world-class expertise to create innovative apps, digital products, and web pages.

Notable Project

After two false starts creating an augmented reality (AR) social media app, an AR company hired EMERGE to lead the project. Emerge Interactive created a game plan for the project before designing the user experience and developing an MVP.


Dogtown Media

Located in Venice Beach, Calif., Dogtown Media specializes in app development, artificial intelligence, and UI/UX design for clients in the health care and financial services industries. With an additional office in San Francisco, the company, founded in 2011, has a team of around 30 who have helped launch 100+ apps for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Notable Project

Dogtown Media created an app prototype for a fashion company. The owner wanted an app that supplemented the company’s presence on social media and enabled customers to make purchases. Dogtown Media went on to develop an iOS app, which has not launched yet.


hedgehog lab

Founded in 2007, hedgehog lab is a global software consultancy of 200+ that specializes in multi-platform software and device innovation. Headquartered in London with six offices across three continents, their team architects, designs, and develops app solutions that prepare brands for the future of post-PC devices.

Notable Project

hedgehog lab created a series of successful apps for a large Norwegian energy company. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, the apps were made to inspire creativity and engagement within key audiences. Workmanship aside, the client also recognized their professionalism and proactive approach.


Droids On Roids

Droids on Roids is a Polish company that was founded in 2011. Their dedicated team of 50+ members specializes in mobile development for both iOS and Android, as well as web development and design.

Notable Project

Droids on Roids originally started working with a personal photo and video company that needed sophisticated software development. They started work on an iOS app and eventually delivered both an iOS and Android app.



TechAhead is an end-to-end mobile application development company based in Southern California with offices in Agoura Hills, Calif. and Noida, India.  Focusing on bespoke digital solutions and UI/UX since 2009, the company works across multiple verticals for some of the world’s largest companies.

Notable Project

TechAhead redeveloped the legacy app for a media company, updating the design and coding for iPad as well. Complimented for their honesty and diligence, the team executed the project in an impressive and cost-effective fashion.


Hyperlink InfoSystem

Founded in 2011, Hyperlink InfoSystem is a 50+ team of professionals dedicated to IT services, mobile app development, and ERP/SI consulting. Based in Ahmedabad, the company offers a range of digital solutions from offices in the UK, US, and Australia.

Notable Project

Partnering with a major hotel group based in Hong Kong, Hyperlink InfoSystem created a series of web and mobile solutions to increase productivity and efficiency of the hotel staff. With a mastery of frontend to backend development, they presented a cost-effective and successful solution well before the deadline.



Appinventiv is a mobile app development company and app modernization specialist of 250+ experts. A newcomer of promise since 2014, the company headquarters itself in New York and maintains offices in the UK, the UAE, and Noida, India.

Notable Project

Charged with creating a mobile app for managing and integrating government databases, Appinventiv provided mostly backend development to build the solution. The client appreciated the depth of their expertise, adaptiveness, and ultimate success.



Netguru is a web, mobile, and custom software development consultancy based in Poznan, Poland with an additional office in London. Started in 2008, this 600-person team is remarkable both for their innovative products and rapid growth.

Notable Project

Netguru developed a native iOS and Android app, from minimum viable product (MVP) to outstanding finished product. Their customer-centric approach and company culture wowed the client, as did their responsive project management and transparency.


Red Foundry

Red Foundry is a mobile application design and development consulting firm in Chicago. Founded in 2009, they create native mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. The team of nearly 10 employees also provides UX/UI design and application management and support services to small, mid-market, and enterprise clients.

Notable Project

A photography agency needed a mobile app and came to Red Foundry for their expertise. The app allows anyone to locate photographers all over the city of Chicago. They’re still testing the impact of the app for on-demand users.



CitrusBits is a mobile app development company based in Los Angeles, CA and founded in 2005. The team of nearly 60 employees is passionate about creating mobile technology and responsive mobile content for all businesses.

Notable Project

CitrusBits designed a virtual vision board app for a company. The company provided the design elements, and CitrusBits focused on the technical aspect. The client said CitrusBits was extremely proactive. The app has received great reviews and engagement is increasing.



Based in Vienna, VA, 10Pearls designs and maintains apps for various companies. The company and its nearly 350 employees have experience in cybersecurity, product development, and UX/UI design.

Notable Project

A telemedicine company needed assistance with platform development and maintenance. 10Pearls helped the telemedicine company with all aspects of platform development, creating a website and mobile app and ensuring the website’s backend was admin-friendly.



Ready4S is a full-service web and mobile app development company based in Cracow, Poland, with offices in the UK and Ukraine. Started in 2011, this team of 25+ creates digital solutions for organizations both large and small.

Notable Project

Under a tight deadline, Ready4S developed and implemented an app solution to give the client’s employees easier access to customer data. The team earned praise for its cooperative approach, project management skills, and quality results.



Since its founded in 2008 in New York, Mobikasa has expanded to New Delhi and London. They offer full-service and a la carte solutions for mobile and web development, design, engineering, and e-commerce projects.

Notable Project

An e-commerce flower business hit the ground running by choosing to work with Mobikasa from the beginning. Mobikasa developed the flower business’s Shopify site from scratch, and upon launching, the flower shop was inundated with orders.


Brainvire Infotech Inc

Founded in 2000, Brainvire is based out of South Jordan, UT, with other offices across the US, India, and the UAE. Specializing in e-commerce development, they also provide web and mobile app development, game development, and ERP and CRM integration.

Notable Project

When a kitchen appliance retailer’s original developer encountered challenges, they decided to hire Brainvire instead. Brainvire rebuilt the client’s Magento-based store and provided marketing services.


The BHW Group

Over the last 12 years, The BHW Group has completed 340 projects for 60 customers in 21 industries. The 14 employee team working out of Austin, Texas does mobile app and web development and design. They work on both iOS and Android apps, as well as enterprise apps and business process automation.

Notable Project

The BHW Group was hired by a social network platform to build its website and mobile apps from the ground up. The founder of the company is very pleased with The BHW Group’s ongoing work.



AndPlus is a product software developer for web, mobile, and IoT (internet of things) design. Founded in Southborough, MA in 2009, the company’s 32 engineers, software architects and UI/UX developers are expert in shaping custom software into world-class technology.

Notable Project

AndPlus developed an Android app for the client’s medical hardware and designed an additional touch-screen interface. Throughout the UI overhaul and complete integration, the team demonstrated its expertise in digital solutions, attention to detail, and professionalism.



ArcTouch was founded in 2008 and has offices in San Francisco, Calif., New York, and Florianópolis, Brazil. They excel at app development, blockchain, and UX/UI design. They guide their enterprise clients through the app building process by defining a strategy for the best user experience, planning the visual design, developing and testing the prototype, and ensuring optimization and growth.

Notable Project

A California-based content discovery startup hired ArcTouch to design a content discovery platform and iOS app. They provided feedback on the startup’s user stories, created wireframes, and developed the platform and app. The project was completed ahead of schedule.



SimbirSoft is a 250+ web, mobile, and custom software development firm based in Lexington, MA, with an office in Ulyanovsk, Russia. Founded in 2001, their full-service team delivers the full suite of digital tools needed for business growth.

Notable Project

Over a five-year span, SimbirSoft developed numerous web and mobile apps for brands in the client’s portfolio. The end-product enjoyed positive reviews and helped the client meet revenue goals, while the team’s service-oriented attitude and flexibility were also appreciated.



Founded in 2010, Magora is a 50+ team of web and mobile app designers and developers based in London. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, the firm creates bespoke software that integrates with existing business solutions to enable user-centered interaction and scalable software architecture.

Notable Project

Magora developed two apps and provided a range of services to a conference organizer, including web and graphic design, full-stack development, and database maintenance and development. The client appreciated Magora’s expertise, timeliness, and overall efficiency in project communications and completion.


IndiaNIC Infotech Limited

Founded in 1998, IndiaNIC is a mobile app and web development industry veteran. Since its founding, IndiaNIC has expanded to two offices in Ahmedabad, India and Sunnyvale, CA. The team of over 400 employees handles projects in mobile and web development, IoT solutions, wearable technology, and mobile gaming.

Notable Project

One of IndiaNIC’s clients is a travel agency that wanted its clients to be able to book and schedule events on web and mobile devices. IndiaNIC delivered a website and iOS and Android apps that the travel agency’s clients loved.



Five is web and mobile app development agency headquartered in New York with offices in Croatia. The 50+ person product team has been creating stunning, award-winning mobile products since 2008.

Notable Project

Five paired with a prominent language app to revamp their mobile user experience, from back to frontend. Thanks to the team’s customer-centric design approach, mobile downloads have more than doubled since the app’s relaunch. Five also delivered their work ahead of schedule and under budget, surpassing all expectations.



Softeq is a full-stack development company for web and mobile that’s headquartered in Houston, TX. Founded in 1997, the team of 200+ offers the rare combination of app software and hardware-level expertise – from backends to business intelligence, firmware to IoT (internet of things).

Notable Project

Softeq completed a series of interconnected projects for a computer chip manufacturer, including game development, screensavers, and a specific hardware adaptation. The client was pleased with Softeq’s design input and the excellent end-product when faced with a rigid deadline.


FreshWorks Studio

FreshWorks Studio is an app develoment company. They were founded in 2016 and offer nearshore design and development services from  offices in Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle. They have a team of over 60 that do UX/UI design and custom development of software including both mobile and web applications.

Notable Project

FreshWorks Studio collaborated with in-house developers to build a website that allows for a national system of organ donation registry. They worked on the front- and backend, building an API to connect it to a mobile app. Now, they do maintenance and support demonstrations of the system to project partners.



Miquido excels at building data-driven apps and web services. They have delivered 100+ digital products for music & video streaming, m-commerce, FinTech, and other industries. Their team takes care of Web and Mobile Development, UX/UI Design, R&D, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Digital Transformation of Businesses.

Notable Project

An exciting global travel company needed to improve their mobile app to stay competitive. Miquido helped the travel company develop a mobile app to improve their customers’ experience.



With a team of 50+, Fueled specializes in creating mobile apps and websites. The New York-based app development company aims to create easy-to-use and attractive products for customers, whether they are big or small brands.

Notable Project

Fueled designed a bidding-style app for a company that deals with nightlife reservations. They built the app from scratch, taking into consideration what the company wanted, as well as giving advice. The app had a lot of functions, such as a list of venues, submission options, and tools that allowed notifications to be sent from venues.



itCraft is a software development agency based in Warsaw, Poland. They have 2 additional Polish offices in Bydgoszcz and Torun and a location in London. They were founded in 2010, and have over 40 employees. itCraft provides mobile development for Android and iOS, web development, custom software development, and UI/UX design.

Notable Project

itCraft provided custom CRM development for a Polish commercial GPS provider. The client was undergoing a period of rapid growth, and needed a dedicated system to keep up with demand. After an audit of the client’s business practices and goals, itCraft developed automation solutions for several administrative functions. The client especially appreciated itCraft’s communication skills and willingness to listen to suggestions.


Sphere Software

Sphere Software is a software development company located in Chicago. Founded in 2005, the team of nearly 100 employees is expert in software and mobile app development, UI/UX design, IT staff augmentation, and blockchain.

Notable Project

When an online marketplace approached Sphere Software for help re-launching a website, the team embraced the opportunity. The project included redesigning a website using Ruby on Rails and ongoing development and maintenance support. The client was impressed by Sphere Software’s professionalism and work quality.


Cheesecake Labs

With locations in Brazil and California, Cheesecake Labs designs and develops apps. With 50+ employees, the app development company has expertise in UX/UI design, full-stack development, and strategy and consulting.

Notable Project

Cheesecake Labs developed an iOS app for a nutrition tech startup that deals with food and health. The startup was very pleased with the clean the code was and the team’s proactiveness.



Iflexion a full-cycle web and mobile development firm of 400+ IT experts based in Austin, TX. Since its 1999 startup, the team has expanded to a London office and shifted toward big data, enterprise portals, and omni-channel solutions.

Notable Project

Iflexion developed a custom online payment solution, a supporting CRM, a payroll system, and a standalone mobile app for a financial tech company. To the client’s delight, the platform easily handled 12,000 new customers in a single weekend, and the team’s ongoing support and adjustments were much appreciated.



Los Angeles, CA-based digital agency ISBX has been building mobile apps for its customers since 2009. ISBX has a mid-size team that offers a comprehensive slate of services, including user experience (UX) design, mobile and web development, creative branding, and marketing.The CTO went on to say that they appreciated that ISBX was understanding, responsive, and easy to communicate with.

Notable Project

A massage on-demand startup needed help developing an app quickly, while they were still building an in-house development team, ISBX stepped in to assist them in app development and SEO consulting.


Mutual Mobile

Mutual Mobile is a development and digital products company headquartered in Austin, Texas with a satellite office in Hyderabad, India. Founded in 2009, the company has over 170 employees across locations. Mutual Mobile offers mobile app, AR/VR, IoT, and web development, as well as UX/UI and product design.

Notable Project

Mutual Mobile developed an iOS app that allows children to their track screen time. At the time of this review, the app had not launched. The client, a company that creates parental control solutions to help parents monitor their children’s activity online, was impressed with the initial internal testing and feedback, though.

Master of Code Global

Headquartered in Redwood City, Calif., Master of Code Global specializes in design and development for web, mobile, and chatbot solutions. Founded in 2004, they also have offices in Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, Winnipeg, Canada, Cherkasy, Ukraine, and Kiev. The team of over 130 has experience with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and app development for enterprise and midmarket clients.

Notable Project

An electronics manufacturer hired Master of Code Global for help with Android app and backend website development. They also tested the client’s existing products. Master of Code Global’s work allowed the electronics company to sell 6,000 units of product.

iTechArt Group

Headquartered in New York, iTechArt is a custom software development company with additional offices in Marietta, Ga. and Iselin, N.J. Since 2002, iTechArt has helped startups and fast-growing tech companies fill in their talent gap and create robust web and mobile solutions that users love. To date, iTechArt’s talent pool includes 1600+ engineers with experience in all of the latest technologies.

Notable Project

iTechArt Group is assisting with the development of a content management software for video advertisements. The team is building the system to accommodate multiple social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.



From Minneapolis, MN, MentorMate has expanded to Sweden and Bulgaria. Founded in 2001, MentorMate is a custom software development company that also has experience in strategic consulting, cloud services, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Notable Project

A gaming startup with the goal of making education fun wanted to teach high schoolers important life concepts. MentorMate developed two apps for the project and stayed within the startup’s tight budget.



Web and mobile app development company Yalantis is based in Ukraine. Founded in 2008, the team of nearly 200 employees is fluent in web, Android, and iOS development – Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, Ruby, Node.Js, Goland, and more.

Notable Project

Yalantis created a web-based application for a food and beverage company from Switzerland. They implemented the food and beverage company’s designs, performing both frontend and backend development using Ruby on Rails, HTML, and JavaScript.



Techugo is a mobile and web developer based in Noida, India with offices in the US and UAE. Established in 2015, their team of 120+ tackles iOS, Android, IoT (internet of things), and maintenance services.

Notable Project

Techugo created a native mobile app for a large national bank that enabled users to monitor transactions with heightened security features. After a systematic and streamlined project management process, the client was thrilled by the team’s availability and positive demeanor and the app’s ROI.

Mercury Development

Mercury Development’s 200+ team brings 17 years of experience to the table. They offer web, app, software AR/VR, and wearable development. They are proud to work with clients of all sizes, in industries including automotive, government, and media. They were founded in 2009 and are based in Chicago, IL.

Notable Project

Mercury Development built an app that car salespeople can use when talking to car manufacturers. The app shows the ideal combination of materials for a car to ensure the frame is lightweight but still sturdy.


Apadmi is a 50+ mobile tech group specializing in app development, IoT, and consulting for big data, BI, and SI. Founded in 2009 and based in Manchester, UK, their team excels at helping organizations use technology to achieve a competitive advantage.

Notable Project

Apadmi developed an app that enables customers of a large digital retailer to make in-store purchases and manage their accounts. From technical development to ongoing support and expertise, the client enjoyed the company’s skill and flexibility and continues to trust in their partnership.


Novoda is a digital-product agency based in London, England, that was established in 2008. Their team of 71 employees provides mobile app development, UX/UI design, enterprise app modernization, digital strategy, and AR/VR development services.

Notable Project

Novoda configured a desktop application and built an Android prototype for a system-optimization software company. Their team coded the main functionalities and inserted an in-app purchasing feature. The app gained over 50 million downloads and a 4.4-star rating on the Google Play Store.

The Distance App Developers

The Distance App Developers is a mobile app development company based in London with an additional office in York, United Kingdom. Founded in 2009, the team of 24 specializes in mobile app development, UX/UI design, and application management and support. They work primarily with midmarket clients in the advertising and marketing, business services, and education industries.

Notable Project

The Distance App Developers worked on mobile app development for a self-guided walking app. They designed and developed native mobile apps for iOS and Android. In addition, the team integrated a GPS tracking system into the app to enhance the user’s experience and provide additional functionality. The client was impressed with the positive feedback the project received.


SteelKiwi is a 50+ web and mobile development company based in Ukraine with offices in California, Slovakia, and Israel. Started in 2011, the team creates robust digital solutions with rapid turnaround, regardless of the project’s complexity or scale.

Notable Project

SteelKiwi provided the client with a range of services, including logo design, illustration, App Store optimization, and iOS/Android development. The client esteemed the team’s reliable project management and organized communication throughout a very satisfactory partnership.


Mobile app development company Tapptitude has offices in Romania, the US, and London. The team of 40+ employees specializes in iOS and Android app development and offers UX/UI design, IT strategy consulting, and web development. Founded in 2013, Tapptitude mainly works with small businesses and startups in the real estate, automotive, and arts and entertainment industries.

Notable Project

Tapptitude developed an app prototype for a food ordering company. They executed the food ordering company’s vision perfectly and were retained to develop the full product. Some app features Tapptitude developed included platform signup, payment systems, and restaurant menu integration.


Shakuro is a design and development agency founded in 2006. Headquartered in Newark, Del., they also have offices in Russia, Ukraine, the U.K., Germany, and Israel. The team of over 250 people has experience in web development, mobile app development, and UI/UX design for mid-market, small business, and enterprise clients largely in the business services industry.

Notable Project

Shakuro helped create a social networking app for a startup. The agency designed and developed the app, as well as maintained the content management system (CMS) for the platform overall. The company was impressed with the quality of the app and has noticed an increase in engagement.

Clearbridge Mobile

Founded in 2010, Clearbridge Mobile is a full-stack 10+ mobile app developer based in Toronto, Canada. Working with some of the world’s largest brands, their products have resulted in over 100 million downloads.

Notable Project

Clearbridge developed a full-featured iOS and Android app that enabled telecom customers to pay their bills and manage their statements. The client raved about the team’s proactive attitude, immaculate project management process, and flawless – though complex – deliverables.

Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic is a full-stack development firm based in Boulder, Colo., with resources in San José, Costa Rica and Los Angeles. The firm, founded in 2002, deploys handpicked teams of 350+ developers to U.S. based enterprise clients and focuses on e-commerce development, mobile app development, and web development.

Notable Project

Gorilla Logic partnered with an insurance agency where they provided web development services for their client. They created a platform built to connect APIs and removing the need of manual data entries.


This California-based software company has strong expertise in web and mobile app development. The team of less than 50 has worked in various industries, from fitness to healthcare – they’ve done it all.

Notable Project

Impekable designed the interface and illustrations for a dating service app. The company was looking for an agency to expand on the features that the popular app already had. Unlike their experience with other vendors, the dating app said Impekable was able to produce the product quickly.


Headquartered in San Francisco, Wizeline is a global product development company with offices in Guadalajara and Mexico City, Mexico, and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Since its founding in 2014, the team has grown to over 390 employees. Wizeline specializes in custom software, web, and mobile app development and UX/UI design.

Notable Project

An entertainment company hired Wizeline to improve their website’s CMS. Based on the team’s initial success, they fostered a partnership that’s still ongoing. The agency’s skills made them stand out from comparably firms throughout the process. The client appreciates Wizeline’s collaborative spirit and excellent communication skills.


New York City-based development company Postlight is a development company with experience in computing infrastructure and content management. Founded in 2015, the team of 40 technical architects, UX designers, writers, and software engineers specializes in mobile app and web development, as well as UI/UX design.

Notable Project

Postlight created web and mobile applications for a financial news provider. They handled all development, carefully following the client’s guidelines. Feedback for the app has been positive.

Octal IT Solution

Octal IT Solution is a web and mobile app developer based in Jaipur, India with offices in Florida, London, and Singapore. Since 2004, the company of 250+ professionals has created apps for startups and Fortune 500 companies across numerous industry verticals.

Notable Project

Hired to create a cruise operator booking system, Octal developed a custom software that streamlined the customer booking with .NET and PHP technology. The client complimented the team’s varied skill sets, from business analysis to technical programming and plans to maintain the partnership.

Y Media Labs

Established in 2009, Y Media Labs is a 200+ digital strategy and technology agency that focuses on innovation. With headquarters in Redwood City, CA and offices in Atlanta, Indianapolis, and New York, the company splits its time between mobile app development, digital strategy, and UI/UX design.

Notable Project

Y Media Labs developed mobile apps for a financial services firm on both iOS and Android to complement the existing web-based platform. The team’s responsiveness and focused approach gave the client early confidence and ultimately returned a premium finished product.

Eight Bit Studios

Founded in 2008, Eight Bit Studios is based in Chicago, IL. They work on mobile apps, customer software development, and UX/UI design for clients of all sizes. The team of 35+ employees serves key industries, including education, gaming, and business.

Notable Project

Eight Bit Studios redeveloped a product for an augmented-reality gaming platform. They had to review the platform to learn how as operating and then piece the platform back together. They were able to ensure all code worked properly.


A tech frontrunner since 1989, Zco is a full-stack app development firm offering web, mobile, and animation services. Headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire with a Boston office, the 200+ specialists comprise a powerhouse team with outstanding and varied proficiencies.

Notable Project

Zco developed an app for both iOS and Android to showcase the products of a large electrical parts manufacturer. Their prompt turnaround and response time, competitive pricing, and immaculate deliverables resulted in an experience that was “overwhelmingly positive.”

Heads and Hands

Founded in 2012 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Heads and Hands is a mobile and web development company that also offers UI/UX design, product maintenance, and marketing.

Notable Project

Heads and Hands was hired to bring an international advertising festival to life. They needed a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices to provide a detailed program about speakers, events, and navigation of the festival area.

IT Craft

IT Craft is an IT development company that focuses on web and mobile app development, with offices in Germany, Canada, and the United States. With about 280 employees, this company prides itself on focusing on the client, helping business grow, and creating cutting-edge projects.

Notable Project

IT Craft created mockups for and later developed a website that was the foundation for an online brand marketplace for designers. The website allowed designers to upload content, make edits, and sell their services. Users could purchase domain names, logos, and other graphic design assets. After 3 years, the startup sold its website, which had close to 50,000 users.

Saffron Tech

Saffron Tech is a full-service web, software, and mobile application development company with offices in New York and India. They have served their global clientele for over 10 years. They use industry-leading tools to create scalable websites and products for clients.

Notable Project

Saffron Tech helped develop a website for an instructional health video platform. The project included developing a site that featured a payment portal and integrated with Wistia and MailChimp.


Thoughtbot is a web and mobile app development company based in Boston, MA with offices in Austin, San Francisco, New York, Raleigh, Washington D.C, and London. Since 2003, this 50+ team has delivered empowering digital solutions to enterprise-level and small companies alike.

Notable Project

Thoughtbot’s team helped the client develop a custom software solution aimed at enhancing consumer advocacy. With deliverables mostly on the back-end, the client valued the estimable coding skills, rapid completion time, and commitment to quality.

Big Nerd Ranch

Started in 2001, Big Nerd Ranch is a 50+ web and mobile app development firm headquartered in Atlanta. While not creating apps for the world’s leading brands, their team leads immersive coding boot camps.

Notable Project

Big Nerd Ranch developed a series of dynamic iPad apps that produced massive sales results in the first year. The client was impressed by their ideation process, customer service, and quality deliverables.

Bacancy Technology

Since its founding in 2011, Bacancy Technology has grown from one office in Ahmedabad, India, to 130+ employees in 8 offices across the US, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. They specialize in mobile app development and also offer IoT development, blockchain, and digital marketing.

Notable Project

Bacancy Technology worked with a food delivery service to create a mobile app that delivers groceries, alcohol, and prepared food. They developed both customer- and supplier-side apps, a website, and a server database. The client was impressed with how well Bacancy Technology understood the project and tailored services to their specific needs.


Polidea is a software development company founded in 2009. Polidea is located in Warsaw, Poland where its team of 63 works on mobile app development, web development, UX/UI design, and more for clients in a variety of industries.

Notable Project

A startup was creating time-tracking and management software and needed a development team to build the platform. Polidea created mobile and desktop versions of the app, a scalable backend, public API, and Bluetooth integrations.


Since 2009 the Ukrainian-based team at Stfalcon has been constructing and designing mobile and web applications. Their team of 50 has completed 100+ projects for their clients across Europe and beyond.

Notable Project

A group of university students decided to start a dating app company. When the students contacted Stfalcon, all they had was the concept. Stfalcon worked with the students’ idea and designed and developed apps for both iOS and Android.

Innofied Solution

Innofied Solution is a 100+ member team of mobile and web app developers with offices in India, Australia, and California. This award-winning team has been creating digital solutions for startups and enterprises since 2012.

Notable Project

Despite the ambitious timeline and unforeseen technical obstacles, Innofied Solution returned a high-quality app for both iOS and Android that accommodated the client’s existing wearable app. On time and within budget, the team received praise for their front- and back-end interface designs, as well as positive demeanor.


Award-winning software agency INLOOPX has a team of 130+ and offices in Europe and the United States. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, INLOOPX creates mobile apps, paying specific attention to the user experience.

Notable Project

INLOOPX developed a mobile banking app for a bank in the Czech Republic. The app included fingerprint and face recognition technology and integrates with Apple Watch. The partnership is ongoing, and the app won an award in the Czech Republic.


Majestyk is a mobile app development company headquartered in New York, NY. Founded in 2011, the team of about 15 employees offers both app development and UX design for small, mid-market, and enterprise clients.

Notable Project

A filmmaker startup recruited Majestyk to develop a minimum viable project (MVP) for its platform, which allows students and professors in the film industry to connect, communicate, and submit projects. After the startup had a negative experience with another app development company, Majestyk saved the day, developing a web platform from the ground up.


Codal is a full stack agency located in Chicago, IL. Their 90+-person team works in mobile app development, strategy, e-commerce development, and UX design. Their clients include enterprise companies and startups. Over the years they have worked in consumer products, business services, health, and education.

Notable Project

Codal worked with a gift-giving company on the UX and UI for their online and mobile platform. The company helps users manage outreach and donations for important family events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays. Codal built a web application that tracked these events in the user’s life. Codal built and integrated wireframes for the app.


Prismetric is a leading custom mobile app development company. They opened up shop in 2008 and now have offices in both the US and India. Their team delivers quality products and services in web and mobile development, as well as blockchain, gaming, and wearable tech.

Notable Project

The founder of a money transfer service had an idea for quick and seamless international money transfers and brought Prismetric on board to build both the iOS and Android apps.


nomtek is an award-winning app development company of more than 50 based in Wroclaw, Poland with offices in London and Berlin. Founded in 2009, their team has created numerous chart-topping apps and employs the lean startup methodology.

Notable Project

nomtek developed a mobile app to encourage the use of the client’s existing software tool, offering their technical expertise and capabilities in app optimization. They impressed the client with their coding, product development, and “tidy” end-to-end project management.


RichestSoft burst onto the web and mobile app development scene in 2009. With offices in the US and India, their team of experts has expanded into internet marketing, design, and Salesforce consulting.

Notable Project

An IT company hired RichestSoft to enhance its online presence. RichestSoft developed an e-commerce platform for the client – a website, iOS and Android apps – and designed both the front- and back-end.


Oshyn is a technology agency, based in Long Beach, Calif. and founded in 2001. Their team of 54 specializes in web, e-commerce, and mobile app development. Oshyn works with midmarket and enterprise-level clients in various industries: consumer services, healthcare, hospitality, and more.

Notable Project

Oshyn provides Sitecore development and ongoing support for a global IT firm. They also aid the global IT firm with special projects. Since Oshyn came aboard, their website’s stability has improved substantially.


CodigoDelSur has helped nearly 200 US startups develop and design unique digital products. The team of more than 50 mobile app and web developers is headquartered in Uruguay and brings skills in engagement, growth hacking, and monetization to the table.

Notable Project

An event planning firm needed CodigoDelSur to build them a clean and effective website. The agency helped with a lot of advancements including, design upgrades, and bug fixes. As a result, the website saw an increase in traffic and engagement.

Xtreem Solution

Xtreem Solution is a mobile app and web design and development shop that also offers e-commerce development and SEO services. Since its founding in Jaipur, India in 2008, Xtreem Solution has added an office in Philadelphia and completed an astounding 1500+ projects.

Notable Project

With the goal of improving firearm safety, Xtreem Solution developed iOS and Android apps that show where firearms are being used and monitor the situation to see if assistance is needed.

Dom & Tom

Dom & Tom was founded in 2009 and has offices around the U.S. in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. They are an end-to-end digital product development agency that focuses on emerging technologies. Their team of 100+ created over 120 native mobile apps and worked on 400+ web projects. They specialize in research and planning, UX strategy and design, engineering, QA (quality assurance), and deployment.

Notable Project

Dom & Tom worked with a digital agency for a website redesign. Dom & Tom designed and tested code for requested features for the site. The agency felt that the Dom & Tom team was responsive and displayed impressive attention to detail.

OpenSource Technologies

With 75+ employees, OpenSource Technologies specializes in digital marketing and web and mobile solutions. The Philadelphia-based agency has a global presence – serving companies in more than 35 countries and working from another office in India.

Notable Project

OpenSource Technologies developed an anti-bullying web service for students. The platform alerts school counselors to instances of bullying. Feedback about the project was positive, and OpenSource Technologies will begin developing mobile app versions of the platform for both iOS and Android.

Atomic Robot

Mobile development firm Atomic Robot is located in Mason, OH. With nearly 15 employees, the small company and their collaborative team specializes in building custom mobile applications for retail, business services, and healthcare industries.

Notable Project

Atomic Robot developed several apps for a sports company. The apps were part of a training course for a variety of physical activities – for example, aviation. Atomic Robot did everything, from execution to implementation. The sports company said that Atomic Robot is one of the only companies that is up to date in the innovative world of app development.


Mobomo is a 50+ web and mobile app design and development agency based in Vienna, VA with an office in Denver, CO. Since their startup in 2009, the team has helped to create functional and outstanding UI/UX with a responsive backend for businesses of all sizes.

Notable Project

Mobomo redeveloped the website for a government agency, making it more user and mobile-friendly and responsive. This custom configuration, integration, and design drew praise from users and resulted in increased web traffic. Their expertise and professionalism were well-noted by the client.


Tapadoo is a mobile app development company based in Dublin. They were founded in 2009 and have a team of 16 employees. They specialize in mobile app development, mobile app modernization, and UX/UI design for clients in healthcare, financial services, and business services industries.

Notable Project

Tapadoo developed a mobile app for an energy company. They created iOS and Android apps that allowed people to automatically pay their energy bills and to monitor their energy usage. The client was very happy with the app and said that their customers gave it very positive feedback.


Intuz is a premier digital agency based in San Jose, Calif. that provides end-to-end custom software application development services on Mobile, Web, IoT & Blockchain. Founded in 2008 with offices in San Francisco & India, their 50+ team have a proven track record of delivering cutting-edge mobile apps, digital products and web applications for Startups, SMBs to Fortune 500 companies.

Notable Project

Intuz developed an advanced healthcare platform/marketplace that connects healthcare professionals and ancillary service providers with parents as they embark their journey into parenthood. The platform consists of Web, Android, and iOS apps.


Iteo is a Poland-based digital product agency that specializes in mobile app development, web development, mobile platforms, frameworks and CMS platforms, programming and scripting, and UX/UI design. Established in 2011, the agency works with small, mid-market, and enterprise clients across a variety of industries including financial services, consumer products and services, and business services. The agency is comprised of about 25 specialists.

Multidots Solutions

Multidots Solutions is a mobile app development company headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. Founded in 2009, the team of nearly 200 specializes in custom app development, as well as offers UI/UX design, web development, consulting, and software testing.

Notable Project

A music discovery company wanted to roll out their service on mobile and hired Multidots Solution to build an iOS app. Working from blueprints, Multidots designed, structured, and developed the app. Despite time differences, Multidots was responsive and tackled obstacles that had troubled the music discovery company in the past.


This Philadelphia-based agency specializes in mobile app and web development and custom software development. Stuzo and its team of nearly  50 employees also have offices in Europe and New York.

Notable Project

Stuzo created several interactive projects for a popular award show. The company redesigned a voting app that allows viewers to vote for the winner and a Facebook app that allows fans to watch the show on a live telecast.


Exadel is a custom app, web, and software development firm focusing on enterprise-level solutions, IoT, and product development. Founded in 1998, their 200+ team is based in the Bay Area with offices in Boulder, CO, and 13 Eastern European locations.

Notable Project

Following an early partnership, Exadel created an open-source and highly sophisticated IAM (Identity and Access Management) solution for enterprise use. From research to discrete data integrations, strategic roadmapping to cloud-delivery services – they wowed the client with their personal dedication, seamless communication, and resource management.

DMI (Digital Management, Inc.)

DMI is the world’s first end-to-end mobility company. Their services are extensive, ranging from mobile app development and web development to branding, marketing, and user experience design to big data management and analytics. The large team of 1,000+ is headquartered in Bethesda, Md. with satellite offices around the world. DMI’s focus on the quality of the product they develop and on its marketing potential highlights the benefits of working with a full-service company.


Seamgen is a San Diego, Calif.-based development firm established in 2008. It has a team of about 50 that does mobile app development, web development, UI/UX design, and custom software development.

Notable Project

A social media startup developed an alpha-stage app, but it needed a lot of improvements. Seamgen redeveloped the startup’s iOS app, improving the backend and streamlining the UI and UX.


Sileria is a mobile app, IoT, and AR/VR development company in Los Angeles that launched in 1994 and rebranded in 2001. The experienced 10+ team prides itself on delivering enhanced digital products that allow businesses to outshine their competition.

Notable Project

Sileria developed a native Android app for a social media platform that earned a 4.5-star rating on Google Play. Users raved about the features, while the client appreciated the team’s responsiveness, good humor, and professionalism in creating a standout product.

Small Planet

Founded in 2009 in New York City, Small Planet is a mobile app development company that produces top quality mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices, including 25 App Store Category #1’s. The close-knit team works in Brooklyn, NY, offering user experience (UX) and design for mobile and web, smart device and touchscreen development, quality assurance and user testing, product management, and consulting services. They also recently started a Machine Learning Lab to work on some exciting AI-related projects.

Notable Project

A fantasy sports company had a concept for a live fantasy basketball game and back end developers but needed help on the front end. Small Planet came in and brought the game to life, delivering a quality, reasonably priced product in a timely manner.


Despite only being around since 2002, Dotsquares has nearly 1000 employees across the UK, UAE, US, Australia, India, and France. They offer a staggering variety of services, including web, app, game, and e-commerce development and IT consulting and support.

Notable Project

An international railway booking platform experienced growing pains and needed to reinvent its e-commerce platform. Dotsquares completely overhauled the website, allowing the client to process customer orders more efficiently.


iD East is a mobile application production firm located in Moscow and Volgograd, Russia. Founded in 2008, iD East’s team of around 20 employees specializes in mobile app development. The firm also offers UI/UX design and software development services to its clients. iD East has worked with clients of all sizes from the financial services, real estate, and energy industries.

Notable Project

iD East was tasked with helping a manufacturing company with a mobile app development. They helped design the app and created the screens, all while building a parallel, Android app as well. Both apps have received positive user feedback, and iD East impressed with their ability to follow strict development guidelines.

111 Minutes

111 Minutes is a 50+ web and mobile app studio located in Los Angeles, CA with an office in Dnipro, Ukraine. Their digital product team has been creating growth-oriented apps that users love since 2007.

Notable Project

111 Minutes developed a sports training app for iOS and Android to encourage athletic engagement in students. The client praised the team’s transparency, timeliness, and cost-efficiency.


MLSDev is a full-service web and mobile app development firm of 50+ based in Ukraine with offices in Poland and California. Started in 2009, they follow lean principle and agile methodologies to create innovative solutions for organizations of any size.

Notable Project

After completing a customer loyalty mobile app for an international fast food brand, MLSDev’s finished product skyrocketed to number one in the app store.The client plans to work with the team again, given their flexibility and remarkable results.

Flexsin Inc.

In the last decade, Flexsin has grown to over 300 employees. With offices in Noida, India and Dallas, TX, Flexsin is skilled in mobile app and web development, digital marketing, SEO, and analytics.

Notable Project

A company that facilitates job searches wanted to expand its business by introducing a mobile app. Flexsin ended up doing mobile and web development and online marketing for the client.


Founded in 2004, Qburst is a product development and consulting company of 1300+ designers, developers, UX engineers, and business analysts. Headquartered in Trivandrum, India with offices in the UK, California, Virginia, and Poland, their team focuses on web, mobile, and cloud-based solutions of all sizes.

Notable Project

A biotechnology firm hired Qburst to recreate their Salesforce CRM solution by integrating two unique solutions into one. The firm synchronized the system data seamlessly and their custom software performed admirably, earning them praise for flexibility, responsiveness, and creativity.


Headquartered in Wroclaw, Poland and founded in 2011, Zaven is software development company that provides web development, custom software development, and mobile app development. Their team of 25 works with small and mid market clients in the consumer products, information technology, manufacturing, and education industries.

Notable Project

A mobile app development company partnered with Zaven because they needed web development, mobile app development, design, and consulting services. They provided the client with these and the client was impressed with the work provided by Zaven. CoverGirl APP
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