Read Online!

Read Online!

Elements of Kotlin (announced Monday)
and Elements of Android Jetpack (announced yesterday)
are my first two second-generation Android development books. Like my previous
books in the Warescription, subscribers can download these books
in PDF, EPUB, and Kindle/MOBI editions.

They can also read them directly online.

The Warescription site offers both download
and “read online” options. The latter brings up the book directly in the browser.
The reader offers:

  • Forward and back navigation through the major sections of each chapter

  • Drop-downs to navigate between the chapters and books

This may prove useful directly to some of you. It is also a stepping-stone towards
offering online full-text search across all of the books, which I hope to have up
and running in early 2019.

I will be making the first-generation books available for online reading as well,
but I wanted to start small at the outset.

If you are a subscriber and you run into problems with the online reading
option, let me know!. The more bugs I can
get fixed now, the smoother it will be to offer full-text searching in the future.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk more about those first-generation books, and what my plan is for

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Read Online!