Royalty-Free RPG Video Game Music – Collection Pack Free Download

Royalty-Free RPG Video Game Music – Collection Pack Free Download

Battle RPG Music Pack [ 1 var ]

Strengthen your battle experiences with these 4 frantic, epic and intense battle music tracks! Suitable for fighting and monster boss conquering moments in role-playing games! Battle RPG Music Pack comes with 4 music tracks with variations! Also comes with 6 win and lose music stingers!

Your quest for pro quality RPG theme music begins here! 2EastMusic proudly offers this complete catalog of royalty free music, a perfect score for any game design inspired by classic RPG titles. You can use them as convenient placeholders during development or to compliment your finished product.

This powerful and memorable music soundtrack will emotionally bring your world design, story and characters to life! The pack includes 21 thematic music assets for game shell, cut scenes, map exploration, dungeon scenes, town scenes, and battles.

  • Each track contains up to 6 variations, so you can pick and select which version suits your game best!
  • Over 1.5 hours of audio!
  • All songs contain a Loopable WAV files
  • AAA Quality Music


Inspired by both classic and modern RPGs, JRPGs, adventure games, platformers and more!

From a composer who’s worked on:

Learn Japanese To Survive: Kanji Combat

Primodials: Fireborn

Yandere Simulator


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